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"Dale Jackson speaks with great credibility about safety for women and children. He is totally committed to this cause. Whoever attends his seminars is certainly educated in a manner one never forgets his sincerity about personal safety. Dale has put into practice what he believes in. Our women and children will be the winners. K. Poulter (Bob Jane T-Marts)

"We as a community are indebted to Dale Jackson. My only personal hesitation in writing a recommendation was, could I do him justice with my layman writing skills? As a crime prevention specialist Dale helped us at a time when we were starting to lose direction. Little did I expect that after one and a half hours I would be sitting spellbound on the edge of my seat. He gave us the inspiration to think positively about security and safety in a new light and with a new confidence. Dale imparted his knowledge freely, clearly, and precisely without employing fear. Instead of feeling afraid, the audience reaction was that of feeling empowered to walk safely as well as a sense of being in control again." K. Fedrick. JP (Qual)

"Every child in every school in Australia should be given an opportunity to listen to Dale Jackson. Having attended Dale's Teensafe Seminar, I have no hesitation in recommending him to you. His time spent conducting research along with his credentials, are more than enough to demonstrate well the dangers that are awaiting our young people. If you send your child or school to no other program, ensure that they attend this. With his role-playing examples and practical approaches to training, it's very easy to place importance on his training strategy. Both Childsafe and Teensafe should be compulsory learning in all schools.
High School Chaplain D. Torti

"Thank you for speaking to our children. We as adults learnt from it, and the children were still talking about how they would handle certain situation for days afterwards. I would certainly recommend your program to other school and community groups. Your knowledge was imparted so well to the age of the children, it made it easy for them to absorb and understand the information given. You must find it so rewarding!" Childcare Director V. Petherick

"I think it is a wonderful thing you are doing, getting the message out there to parents. I certainly know that if my parents had this information, and acted on it, victimisation for me would not have been a fact of life." Name withheld

"Thank you for taking time to put on the Child Protection Seminar for Parents. Both my husband and I found what you had to say very thought provoking. I believe that not only can the children learn from you, but also we as parents. C. Hardy

"Teenagers are more likely to heed your words coming from obvious experience than they would from parents or teachers, especially as it is evident you are a third party and well skilled in personal safety and crime prevention". J. Littleton

"I congratulate and thank you personally for the great Parent's Child Protection Seminar you gave to our school. This was a very informative seminar that let parents know a considerable amount about everyday events, and how children and teenagers can avoid being in the wrong place at the wrong time." President P&C Association D. Loddon

"Our parents stated that it was unfortunate that more teenagers did not come to the meeting, as your entertaining and practical manner demonstrating your knowledge and experience in personal safety and crime prevention would have gained their respect." P. Trigger

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